Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Can I Do With a Philosophy Major?

I get this, or the same question in reference to other majors, pretty often.  And truthfully, the answer is pretty much always the same –a lot.  Obviously, there are some options pursuing a graduate degree, teaching, or even the ministry, that might be assumed for what one could do with a philosophy degree.  That being said, many philosophy (or anthropology, women’s studies, etc.) majors pursue careers in, amongst other things, law, public service, marketing, consulting, or public relations.  Essentially, the value of your degree is the skills you learn and your ability to market them.  Writing, research, communication, leadership, analysis, and critical thinking skills are all evidence of your ability to perform the duties associated with some of the aforementioned jobs.  As a philosophy major you might write a thesis, collaborate on a project, or engage in frequent in-class debates, which all speak to your ability to succeed in the workplace.   So don’t sell your major short.  Study what you love, build your skill-set, explore a wide-variety of career options, and your possible career paths will not be limited.

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