Monday, April 23, 2012

Just in time for next summer . . .

Though there are many downsides to unpaid internships, it looks like one upside is that they may prove to be solid movie fodder as two intern-focused comedies are going into production in the next year.  I will definitely be seeing these.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Practicing What I Preach

Last night A week and half ago I attended a networking event for the graduate program I completed in 2010. Alumni, faculty members, current and prospective students came together to hear Larry Bacow, former President of Tufts, speak about how some of the Boston area universities have weathered the financial crisis and then, following his talk, to network and mingle. The event reminded me, once again, how lucky I am to be a part of the fantastic community that is the Higher Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. From Larry’s insightful remarks, to the questions of the audience, to the stories of my peers now working in various departments and organizations across higher education, I was blown away by this community. In an attempt to capture some of my own thoughts and reflections about last week’s event, I’m bulleting out some of my take-aways:
  • I hate to put this as a take-away, given that I just mentioned this, but I was amazed at how talented, passionate, and engaged the Higher Education students at HGSE truly are.
  • Students, take note: alumni networking events are not about food, but rather networking.
  • Practice what you preach. I wanted to catch up with old friends and head straight to the buffet table, but instead I dedicated much of my time to speaking to those attendees in my field. In fact, I had a really great discussion with a fellow career services professional who I really admire. I’m looking forward to taking her up on her offer to grab a cup of coffee sometime this summer.
  • Everyone should/is always thinking about moving their career forward. Case in point, I chose networking over food (I know, crazy!) Additionally, several of my colleagues were debating, speaking about next steps, and even more education. Two years ago I remember being at this event praying hoping that I’d have a job soon enough and be able to attend these types of event without consideration for my future. This year, the pressure may have been off, but I’m placing an ever increased value on the networking opportunities these types of events allow for.
  • Someone reads my blog! Hi Samantha!