Friday, April 15, 2011

Plan B

We have a good number of first-time visitors to our office this time of year, specifically asking the question: "I didn't get the internship (or two) I applied for, what now?"  While these students certainly still have options, it is worth pointing out that when you are applying to your first-choice internship, you should be also applying to some Plan B internships and jobs - and applying to lots of them.  A Plan B position could be something you'd love to do, like to do, or even a position you'd only consider doing under the direst of circumstances.  While you might love to be in New York City for the summer, it a good idea to apply to some jobs near your home as well.  When you applied to college, you probably didn't apply to only one school (early decision aside) and it should be the same case with internships.  Fact of the matter is, it's often hard to tell what a position might really be like until you have the chance to speak with a supervisor, learn more about what the position entails, or do some more research about the organization you'd be working at.  So while you might find your dream internship in February, please, do not wait to hear back before moving forward in the search.  Apply to some Plan B positions and you won't be left scrambling for an internship in May.

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