Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beginner Interview Tips

As the class of 2011 starts to feel the pressure of the job search process, I’m seeing more of them in my office, eager to review and rehash their interview experiences. One student’s story, reminded me of a very important point of emphasis for any job seeker: it’s not about what the job seeker (you) wants, but what the employer needs. The employer cares a lot less about why a given position appeals to you, will advance your career, or matches your interests, but rather how you will advance the organization.
Here are some tips for novice interviewers:

Obsess Over the Job Description
Read each individual point of the job description and identify the skills and experience you have that will enable you to successfully perform that responsibility or task.

Do Your Research
Identify the skills, strengths, and character traits that you possess which will allow you to contribute to the overall goals and mission of the organization.

Make Your Pitch
Market yourself! By reading articles and the company’s website, determine what the organization is looking for, and then demonstrate that you’ve got it.

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