Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Freak Out Just Yet AKA: Understanding Hiring Timelines

Around this time of year, we career services folk see even the least corporate of careerists in our office wondering where are all the jobs for them?  They've been to the career fair, they've scoured our online job posting platform, and they're ready to throw their hat (i.e. resume and cover letter) into the ring.  But wait! Job postings in the industries they're looking to start careers in are no where to be found.  Surely, they figure, the absence of healthcare, non-profit, or education industries is a simple oversight - or perhaps an intentional one deliberately done by corporate leaning career counselors.  Yet I assure you, this is not the case.  A major reason that these industries are not at fall career fairs and participating in on-campus recruiting en masse is that they do not generally hire Seniors graduating in the spring this early in the fall.  These industries, due to less predictable budgets, the inability to predict spring-time workforce needs, or industry norms simply do not recruit their workforce 6+ months in advance.  Yes, these industries will hire Seniors - but they will do so in the spring months.  So don't freak out yet just become your Economics major roommate is applying for jobs and getting ready for interviews, your time will come.  Instead, relax, network, and get ready for a busy and job-application-filled spring.

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