Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update Your Resume!

A resume is always a work in progress.  I encourage both students and adults to reflect on and update their resumes frequently, so that at a moment's notice it is "ready to  go."  Students will want to take some time in August, before the start of school, to make sure they've included their most recent summer work or internship, study abroad or travel experiences, and relevant coursework or course projects from the previous semester.  However, even seasoned professionals should give their resume a yearly once-over.  Have you read over your resume entries to make sure what you've highlighted accurately captures your most recent and most impressive accomplishments?  Have you added the new software or skills you've learned?  What about the latest professional association you've joined?  Don't wait until someone is waiting on you.  The best time to reflect on and update your resume is now, when you're not planning on using it anytime soon.

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